Finally a Gallery for Your Art.

Art. That is what your homemade gelato is, when you make it with all your passion, your skill, your desire to impress.
Here at last is a special place where you can put your work on display: Affresco, the first art gallery for gelato, a new concept that will revolutionize the image of the traditional gelato shop.
A space shaped like a painter’s palette, where the colour is mainly in the gelato and in the palette drawings at the entrance and at the back.
The ideal setting for a prestigious symbol of Italy, appreciated around the world your gelato.
The gelateria is called Affresco for a number of reasons. To begin with, it’s a gelateria d’auteur, the work of a great interior designer, Beppe Riboli, with the collaboration of NABA ( New Arts Academy, Milan ). Come with us to visit the next “palettes”.
The project is worth discovering.

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